The Jarol project is a collaborative research project of the Computational Systems Group at the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Salzburg, Austria with the Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory at the Faculty of Engineering at Porto University, Portugal.

The goal of the project is to enhance the high-level real-time and concurrent programming abstractions of the JAviator project towards a general Java software infrastructure that allows to control different kinds of aerial, nautical, and land-based vehicles. Jarol will provide a Java software infrastructure for control software and features instantiations for quadrotor helis and submarine control.

We use the Jarol infrastructure to control the Seascout AUV of the Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory as well as our own JAviator UAV. This gives us the possibility to develop control code in Java and gradually migrate the existing C/C++ code, which will only be used for low-level sensing and actuating.

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